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Community Involvement

Community mourns loss of four teenagers killed in crash

“We thought it would just be an Omaha thing, a community thing but that hasn’t been the case at all. We’ve had people reach out from Texas and just all over the place,” Team Assistant at One80 Real Estate, Gina Mancuso, said.

A local business is pitching in to help.

“That happened Monday evening and Tuesday morning we had our team meeting. During the team meeting the news hit us and I actually personally know a father of the lone survivor. So we stopped everything that we were doing,” Mancuso said.

A GoFundMe has been created to help the victims’ families during such a hard time.

“Overwhelmed completely by the support and by the community instantly. Right now we’re sitting at about $11,000 and it’s stilling growing and growing every hour,” Mancuso said.

Something to show support and love.

“So in a couple weeks we’ll present the checks evenly distributed to each of the five families,” Mancuso said.

Something to help.

“I wish that there was more that I could do,” Mancuso said.

As the community continues to grieve.

“Devastated. I have no words as a parent of a teenage daughter also, it’s just very,very sad,” Hanson said.

“I can’t even imagine, I’m only 28 so I’m not a parent yet. I just imagine that being the worst nightmare,” Mancuso said.

As of Wednesday, June 19 at 6PM, the GoFundMe has raised $13,000 of their $1,000 goal.