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Neighborhood Information


Vibe-  Another suburban feel.  Outdoor recreation is a popular pastime.  Many conservative families and young professionals around.

Entertainment-  One word:  Stella’s.  But if that isn’t your thing, you can have a great time at the Bellevue Berry Farm.   Here you can enjoy the outdoor scene, playgrounds and hayrack rides, purchase some delicious foods/products, participate in themed events or rent out one of their two beautiful remodeled barns.

Schools-  There are over 15 elementary schools.  The top include:  Bellevue, Peter Sarpy, Fairview & Fort Crook Elementary School.  Middle schools include:  Lewis & Clark, Logan Fontenelle and Bellevue Mission Middle School.  For high school you have the options between Bellevue East or Bellevue West.  10,028 students are enrolled. Great teachers, great club and activities, great college prep!  Bellevue also offers a couple private schools:  Daniel J. Gross High School & Cornerstone Christian School.  You can also attend Bellevue University, a 4 year Division II university that emphasis on Business, Social Science Research Methods, and Management Sciences and Information Systems.

Parks & Rec-  Bellevue is home to several parks.  Fontenelle Forest is the most popular in the city.  It is a 1,400-acre forest including hiking trails, a nature center, children’s camps, a gift shop, picnic facilities and a brand new ropes course and zip line!  The second best park Bellevue has is Falconwood Park.  Highlight of this specific park is that they have one of Omaha’s only drive-in theaters!  You can camp, host events, or attend festivals here.

Quick States-  Population:  53040  Zip:  68147 (Main)  Library:  Bellevue Public Library (1003 Lincoln Rd.)  Connect: Bellevue

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $140,800.  Rent vs. Own:  37% Rent 63% Own.

“Bellevue is truly an amazing city to live in. It’s the third biggest city in Nebraska, but it still has the friendliness and feel of a small town. The city’s two public high schools are both excellent schools, both with exceptional marching bands and academic programs. Bellevue is a booming place itself but is also just a ten-minute drive to the Olde Market in Omaha. Houses are affordable and neighborhoods are safe, and everything you need to get to is no more than a fifteen-minute drive!” -Current Resident, January 2019



Vibe- This is a strong community.  Neighbors invite each other over for BBQ’s, parents dress up for their kids’ sport competitions, everyone knows each other at the lake, they proudly claim Bennington as their home.  Originally called Bunz Town, it was founded in the 1880s, switching to Bennington in 1892.  This city maintains a safe, small-town atmosphere keeping it very family oriented.  Conveniently, the larger Omaha metropolitan area is located just ten miles away.

Entertainment-  Bennington has a small but mighty few selections of restaurants including Nate’s Stumble Inn, The Warehouse and Jdubs Hangout.  Find some great American food at any of these three, but enjoy live entertainment at The Warehouse, Bennington’s ranked top thing to do for fun.  Also, Bennington is a great place to grab your family Christmas tree!  Find the perfect one at the Christmas Tree Farm.

Schools-  Bennington has expanded recently opening up a brand new high school some years ago.  They have Pine Creek Elementary, Bennington Elementary School and Bennington Secondary School.

Parks & Rec-  This spacious town has 3 main parks:  Centennial Park, Tim Ohrt Park & Johns-Bohn Park.  Contact the city if you want to reserve one just for yourself!  You can also find several sports complexes for public use.

Quick Stats-  Population:  1842  Zip:  68007  Library:  Bennington Public Library (11401 N 156th St.)  Connect:  Bennington

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $185,200.  Rent vs. Own:  32% Rent 68% Own.

“Bennington, NE is a great place to live and raise a family!  It has that small town feel with a caring community.  Local businesses are thriving and neighborhood communities are growing.  It is a place where everyone helps each other out from fundraisers for families in need of financial assistance due to adverse times in their lives to raising money for community projects like cleaning up the town and area highways of littler to tree planting ceremonies.  The schools are always rated very high in the state and the teachers are awesome!  Bennington is a quiet little gem of a town!”  -Current Resident, Feb. 8th, 2018



Vibe-  Elkhorn was founded in 1865 as an independent municipality until it was annexed by Omaha in 2007.  Take a stroll downtown and you’ll experience the charm of their old town feel.  Friendly and conservative people and families all around.

Entertainment-  All entertainment can be summed up into one building:  The Mark.  Laser tag, bowling, arcade, sand volleyball, indoor gyms, food and drinks, an outdoor playground, and Bubble Ball are all available for your enjoyment!

Schools-  This suburb in Douglas County has extremely highly ranked schools.  With 8,685 students enrolled, they are considered the #1 safest and best school district in Nebraska, with the #1 best teachers as well.  14 elementary schools:  West Bay, Manchester, Spring Ridge, Fire Ridge, West Dodge, Sagewood, Hillrise, Skyline, Westridge, Arbor View, and Elkhorn B-3 & West Dodge State Early Education centers.  Middle schools include: Elkhorn Grandview, Valley View, Middle and Ridge Middle School.  High schools include:  Elkhorn South and Elkhorn High.

Parks & Rec-  Elkhorn has several parks to choose from, but the top three are Riverwest, Cottonwood, and Ta-Ha-Zouka Park.  Fun opportunities for camping!

Quick Stats-  Population:  6486  Zip:  68022 Library:  Bess Johnson Elkhorn Branch, Omaha Public Library (2100 Reading Plz.)

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $163,200.  Rent vs. Own:  0% Rent 100% Own.

“Close enough to all the action yet a little rural side. Everyone is friendly and helpful, minimal crime, great school systems. Diverse population and a great sense of community which we have seen especially this year with the midwest flooding. People helping people is what Elkhorn is all about.”  Current Resident, April 2019



Vibe-  The proximity of everything in Fremont creates an easy going, friendly atmosphere.

Entertainment-  Top entertainment in Fremont is Bryson’s Airboat Tour!  If you’re up for an adventure, this is the thing to do!

Schools-  There are 11 total public schools.  Clarmar Elementary, Fremont Middle School & Fremont Senior High are the main three to attend.  If you’re looking for a private school, Fremont offers Trinity Lutheran Elementary and Archbishop Bergan Catholic Junior/Senior High School.  Midland University is also available here in Fremont.  They have good values and good athletics.

Parks & Rec-  John C. Fremont Park is on 9th & Broad.  You can enjoy picnics and summer concert series here.  Be sure to check out Christensen Field though if you’re looking for more recreational activities.  It offers multiple fields, camping, and a horse arena!

Quick Stats-  Population:  26356  Zip:  68025. Library:  Keene Memorial Library (1030 N Broad St.). Connect:  Fremont

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $120,500.  Rent vs. Own:  42% Rent 58% Own.

“The neighborhood I live in is a definitely a great family place! There is never any traffic, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt if they crossed the street because it is not busy. People have neighborhood get togethers, neighborhood kids are all friends, there is a park and school in the middle of the neighborhood, and a country club/golf course right outside the neighborhood with a pool. It isn’t a huge fancy neighborhood were everyone has pools and 10 bedrooms, its a great quality modern neighborhood a great place for raising a family.”  -Current Resident, March 2016



Vibe-  Extremely strong community.  Whenever something occurs within this neighborhood, all Gretna residents untie and support one another.  Family oriented and conservation, Gretna portrays that suburban feel.  Whether it’s business, school, homes or careers, you can find the perfect position for yourself and your family.  Voted 4th best place to live in Omaha.

Entertainment-  A smaller suburb of Omaha, but major attractions including Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall, The Holy Family Shrine and Tiburon Golf Course.  Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is a 152-acre operation that always provides a spectacular experience.  It is a wholesome family destination that’s been around for 35 years.  It is the highest attended attraction in the months of September and October.  Nebraska Crossing is the only outlet mall in Nebraska, which opened just a few years ago.  The Holy Family Shrine is a gorgeous glass building that is an attention grabber from Interstate 80.  Take a visit and feel the peace and inspiration.  Tiburon Golf Course features 27 holes of championship golf and superior greens.  They pride themselves on being Omaha’s best setting for golf events!

Schools-  Elementary schools include Whitetail Creek, Gretna, Squire John Thomas & Palisades.  Only one option for both middle and high school:  Gretna Middle and Gretna High School.  4,688 students enrolled.

Parks & Rec-  Gretna has four main parks, where six different shelters may be reserved if you wish.  The parks are Peterson Park, North Park, Leo Royal memorial Park and Founder’s Park.

Quick Stats-  Population:  5045  Zip:  68028  Library:  Connect:  Gretna

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $174,400.  Rent vs. Own:  32% Rent 68% Own.

“I’ve lived in Gretna all my life and I love the people and neighborly kindness. This city has been a wonderful place to grow up in and the school system has educated me well. The town is very close and everyone here knows and looks out for each other. Gretna displays a very comforting and friendly atmosphere that anyone can appreciate. Every summer in July, we hold a weekend-long community festival called Gretna Days where a number of activities take place. We have parades, carnivals, beer gardens and even an annual tractor-pull. Gretna is an incredible town that continues to grow and change for the better.”  -Current Resident, Nov. 2017



Vibe-  Omaha is growing, and quickly.  The city is really revamping everything:  streets, districts, buildings, culture, etc.  There are different parts of Omaha with different feels:  The Blackstone District, Capitol, West Omaha, Benson, and Midtown to name a few.  According to, Omaha is top 25 best cities to buy a house in America!

Entertainment-  The list is almost endless.  Omaha is known for two major things, the College World Series & The Henry Doorly Zoo.  Be sure to check out more details in our “Attractions” tab!  Enjoy nightlife in the Blackstone District or Capitol downtown.  Catch a concert at the CHI Health Center Omaha, Stinton Park in Askarben, or Turner Park in Midtown.  Find all kinds of diverse foods, Block 16 and Mouth of the South being two of One80 Group’s favorites.

Schools-  Omaha has over 60 elementary schools.  The top ranked are Standing Bear Elementary, Columbian Elementary & Saddlebrook.  There are 13 middle schools, Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School ranking number one.  Central High School reigns in first for high schools, with Burke & Omaha North following.  There are seven high schools total.

Parks & Rec-  Omaha is determined to provide and maintain a comprehensive park system, manage public properties and offer opportunities for resident or visitor to live a healthy, positive lifestyle that creates a better quality of life.  This city has 120 miles of recreational trails (The Keystone Trail is the most popular), 18 pools, a nature center (Hummel Park Nature Center), and multiple parks, including Benson Park, Echo Hills, & Elk Creek Park.  Check out this Discovery Guide 2019 for some fun, recreational ideas!

Quick Stats-  Population:  463081.  Zip:  Library:  W. Dale Clark (Main) Library (215 S 15th St.) (Find another location here). Connect:  Omaha

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $146,500.  Rent vs. Own:  42% Rent 58% Own.

“I am an Omaha, NE native. First proud to grow up in the “Big O,” I am still proud that I “don’t coast.” In addition to its multiple seasons, growing population and historical landmarks, Omaha always has new experiences cropping up! Living here has brought a wealth of opportunities in recent decades. I appreciate its breadth of business, music, sports, theater, and entertainment venues. Its school systems are diverse in both the public and private realms. With community colleges, public and private universities, Omaha has plenty of higher education opportunities for life long learners as well. This is where I grew up, and this is where I will grow old. Gratefully, the best has been and will be the years in between.”  -Current Resident, August 2019



Vibe-  I know we’ve said this before, but Papillion is legitimately one of the best cities to live and raise a family, being NATIONALLY voted.  It’s a big enough city, but the small town feel remains.  It’s a modern area with vintage flair.  The city takes exceptional care of the public works, too!  Voted #1 place to live in the state of Nebraska.

Entertainment-  One should never be bored in this town.  There are multiple forms of entertainment, whether indoor or out.  Enjoy live concerts at the SumTur Amphitheater, cool off at Papio Bay Aquatic Center, work on your golf swing at either Eagle or Tara Golf Course, sip some wines at The Twisted Vine, or participate in the Papillion Race Series!

Schools-  Papillion offers 1 private school, St. Columbkille, K-8th grade.  There are over 15 public elementary schools to choose from in Papillion.  A few include Prairie Queen, Patriot, Portal, Bell and Ramsey Station Elementary School.  Middle schools include Liberty, La Vista and Papillion Middle School.  High schools are Papillion Senior or South High School.  11,744 students are enrolled.  Papillion is ranked #3 for best school district for athletes.  You can also find Nebraska Christian College in this city.

Parks & Rec-  Another suburb with lots of parks and recreation to offer.  Top parks include Halleck, where you can take a nice stroll around the pond, or City Park, where they host Papillion Days every summer, or Walnut Creek, a 105-acre reservoir.

Quick Stats-  Population:  19478  Zip:  68046 (Main)  Library:  Sump Memorial Library (222 N Jefferson St.)  Connect:  Papillion

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $172,700.  Rent vs. Own:  32% Rent 68% Own.

“Papillion is a great place to grow up! I have always loved Papillion Days and the beauty of downtown during the holidays! The fun atmosphere downtown during the tree lighting is something you should experience during the holiday season! It’s a small town atmosphere with the benefit of being close to the big city. So much to do sports, walking trails, shopping. I also feel the Papillion La-Vista School district is the best! I can see why Papillion, Nebraska is ranked in the top 10 places to live in the United States.” -Current Resident, May 2019



Vibe-  Established in 1907, Ralston has a vision statement focused on strategies to generate a higher quality of life!  They are doing a great job, landing them at #2 best place to live in Douglas County.  The citizens pride themselves on being a family-oriented community.  This suburb is a hot area for young professionals, ranking #1 in the state for these young guns.  Sitting at #3 for most diverse suburbs in Nebraska, Ralston has a lot to offer.

Entertainment-  Biggest entertainment provider is the Ralston Arena.  Big name and big events happen here.  Be sure to check out what’s next in the lineup!  Ralston is home to some great food:  The Kolache Factory, Spezia and Spaghetti Works.

Schools- Meadows Elementary, Seymour Elementary, Wildewood Elementary, and Mockingbird Elementary School.  Ralston Middle & High School.

Parks & Rec-  Their parks are a reflection of the city’s commitment to a higher quality of life.  You’ll find several throughout:  Adams, Koch, Oak, Ponderosa, Fairview, Woodbine, Wildewood and Ralston Park.

Quick Stats- Population:  7348  Zip:  68127  Library:  Baright Public Library (5555 S 77th St.). Connect:  Ralston

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $138,600.  Rent vs. Own:  42% Rent 58% Own.

“I have lived in Ralston for awhile, and it is a lovely, quiet little suburb where everybody knows each other.  I would definitely suggest living here to other people, especially to new, young families.  The town is very safe and entertaining.  It has many parks and a wonderful school system full of teachers eager to help your children succeed. ” -Current Resident, May 21st. 2018



Vibe-  Claimed to be “one of the best places to live in Nebraska,” Valley does not disappoint.  With a suburban feel, it is one of Douglas County’s special treasures for young or old.  Valley has many beautiful lake communities and a charming hometown atmosphere.

Entertainment-  Home to Pines Country Club, an 18 hole semi-private golf course with a pro shop, driving range and clubhouse.  Lots of opportunity for art in this town with the Elkhorn Valley Community Theater & The Gallery, offering music, acting and art classes.  Local coffee shop, BREW, knows that the customers they serve are their neighbors, family and friends.  So when their cup of Joe is being brewed, it gets personalized and served with a friendly face.

Schools-  Douglas County West Elementary, West Middle and West High School.  The high school is above average and has roughly 280 students enrolled.

Parks & Rec- Have your choice between Valley City Park, Rogert Park or Valley Mini Park.  All offering space to enjoy sunshine, picnics and recreation.  Valley City Park is the largest of the three, including a swimming pool, sport courts, a batting cage and two pavilions.

Quick Stats- Population:  2007  Zip:  68064  Library: Valley Public Library (232 N Spruce St.)  Connect:  Valley

Real Estate-  Median Home Value:  $157,400.  Rent vs. Own:  41% Rent 59% Own

“I love this quaint, family-oriented town.  Everyone knows each other and looks out for one-another.  The high school, DC West, has amazing teachers that are passionate about the subjects they teach and do their best to make sure their students are understand of everything.  The students are friendly and compassionate.  It is a safe place to live and many teenagers enjoy going on walks on nice days.”  -Current Resident, January 2019